KillerRecipes_600I love to eat. After college, I was lucky enough to have spent two years living in France. As a result I developed an extremely discerning palate. I used to love to cook. After my stint as an actor and during my domestic “mommy” years, cooking served as a creative outlet for me.  “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” was my bible.  No mere meat and potato dinners for my family. Mine were Julia Child’s masterpieces. Over those years I probably prepared thousands of meals (not all gourmet) plus hosting myriad holiday extended family dinners, which is probably why I now find the bloom has gone off that particular rose. These days I express my creativity in my writing but I still love good food, especially French, but also Italian, Japanese, Thai and other ethnicities. I just prefer to let other people do the cooking. Therefore I ferret out gourmet chefs wherever I can find them. The tri-state area where I spent most of my adult life is a gourmand’s paradise, and here in northern California where I’ve lived for the past six years, there is no dearth of fine restaurants.  I cannot indulge this passion as often as I’d like, of course. That would require my book sales to be on a par with those of Michael Connelly or Janet Evanovich—(btw, check out her review of “Slippery Slopes”) I do, however, have a birthday and an anniversary coming up so the foreseeable future is looking bright.  If, however, you are still in the creative cooking phase of your life, let me share a few of the recipes I’ve picked up along the way.

On my website, under Killer Recipes, I have gifted my readers with an appropriate recipe for each of the books in the “Other Deadly Things” series.  Thus the newly revised, recently published “Ablaze” deserves one as well.  What shall it be? The very word “Ablaze” cries out for a hot and fiery dish.  The Devil’s Revenge Hot Wings, especially created for cheating husbands would have worked but it already appears in the “Pink Balloons” section. I wracked my brains for a blazing but not necessarily spicy recipe,—something French, something  flambéd! I turned to my old recipe box which contains recipes from as far back as those years in France and voila! There it was, a recipe I had brought home with me after a visit to a very elegant casino in Lisbon, Portugal.  I had no interest in joining the beautifully attired ladies and gentlemen gambling at the craps and poker tables. I was focused on what was going on at our table as the chef created this magnificent work of art right in front of our eyes.

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